Handicaped/Disabled/Wheelchair Lift for bus and van,splite platform(BWL100S)

Handicaped/Disabled/Wheelchair Lift for bus and van,splite platform(BWL100S)

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This series聽wheelchair lift is to provide car-adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility.

It is designed to help wheelchair occupant to get on van while seated on his wheelchair.

This wheelchair lift can be installed at the rear door or side door.

Powered by hydraulic system, the movement of lifting, lowering and folding are fully automatic.

This wheelchair lift has split platform;

Provides good visibility both for driver and passengers when stowed;

Operated by the wired remote control, also can be operated manually because of the manual backup system;

Loading capacity:300kg;


Split platform provides clear path and good visibility both for passengers and the dricer;

Mechanical auotomatic roll stops;

Warning sound during working;

Powerful hydraulic system ensures聽smooth and stable movements;

Equip with handrails to offer increased comfort and security;

Anti-skid platform;

Manual backup function;

Self-locking device;

High-gloss polyester powder coat finish to prevent corrosion

Technical Specifications:

Volatge: 12Vdc or 24Vdc;

Power: 800W;

Loading capacity: 300kg;

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