Bus Wheelchair Retractor To Fix Wheelchair

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Applications : Can be used inside city bus, van , mini bus ,various kinds vehicles.

bus wheelchair fixing device

Product Feature: 

1. Wheelchair fixer automatic tightening device,, easy to use, convenient, no manual adjustment, automatic tightening during bus moving.

2. Wheelchair fixer passes SAE J2249 and ISO 10542 Dynamic Testing Requirements for Wheelchair Mounting and Passenger Limiting Systems for Motor Vehicles.

3. Wheelchair fixer meet all the relevant requirements in ADA,FMVSS,CMVSSS,SAE J2249,CSA  Z604,AS  2942 and ISO  10542. the crash test under the condition: bus speed 48km/h,accelerated speed 20g; face front, wheelchair weight 85.2kgs, wheelchair loading weight 77.5kgs .

4. All components install passed test to ensure safety.

5. Rail embedded inside floor,the surface flush with floor.When it is not needed, just remove the rail and it will  not affect the normal use of other passengers.

Main Components: 

Installation Diagram: 

wheelchair safety device in bu

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