Electric folding bus door opener(BDM100-N)

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Applications : 

Electric folding door can be used for minibus ,small tour bus, small van, city bus and so on.

Electric single and double jack knife door.


1. Bifold bus door has Low working current,with better motor  and better design.

2. Has close limit device , to protect the motor force too strong to damage the door panel.

3. Has anti-clamping function ,when face force less than 300N, door can open automatically.

4. More stable , can be used on city bus with frequent open and close without failure.


1.Auto-operation: When the handle in the “automatic” position, door closer controls the vehicle door operation, to achieve the opening and closing motions.

2 .Manual operation: When the bi-ford door in any position, if you need manual operation, you can move the handle into “Manual “position and use then pull or push the door to easily open and close door.

3.Sensitive edge: In case the passenger or other items are clamped during the vehicle door closing,the door will immediately fully opened.

4.Emergency Release:In emergency situation,people can push a emergency switch which is outside of the bus,also can pull a emergency handle which is inside of bus,to manually open the door.This door closer can maximum installed 3pcs of emergency devices.(you can select as per your actual requirement)

Main Components :

Buy Electric Bifolding Bus Door

Main Parameter:

Rating Voltage DC12V DC24V
Motor Power 40W 40W
Working Current (door opening) <5A
Working Current (door closing) <10A
Opening Direction LH& RH
Life Cycle 200000
Operating Temperature -40°C + 65°C
Weight 9kg

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