Manual foldable bus wheelchair ramp(RAP200)

Manual foldable bus wheelchair ramp(RAP200)


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Applications :聽Manual wheelchair bridgeplate ramp used for low floor city bus, urban bus, van and so on.

Technical Specifications :

Self weight :聽35kgs

Loading Capacity :聽350kgs



Advatanges :

1. The folding wheelchair ramp surface at the same level of bus floor, so not affect passengers.

2. The foldable manual ramp takes no space of vehicle inside

3. Manual open, donot need any electricity of vehicle for wheelchair access.

4. Easy installation, with lock on it for safety

Design criteria :

1. To provide easy access for handicap persons to a public transportation vehicle;

2. To provide a unit that is fully synchronized and interlocked with the operation of the door system;
3. To provide an obstacle detection system during the extension of the ramp that will cause the ramp to automatically retract;
4. To provide and obstacle detection system that will automatically stop the ramp if load is present on the ramp during retraction;
5. To provide a unit that is robust and reliable.

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