Pneumatic inswing bus door system(PIS100)

Pneumatic inswing bus door system(PIS100)

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Application: mainly used as the transit bus entrance and exit doors.

System Component: Base-plate assembly, Shaft assembly and Door panel assembly.

1) The base-plate assembly (the most important component) is the actuator of the power door system, which consists of pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve, shaft stud, and controls.

2) The shaft assembly is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

3) The door panel is made of aluminum alloy, which has the attributes of light weight, high strength and long life.

Operating principle:

1)Auto operation :When 鈥渙pen鈥 or 鈥渃lose鈥 switch is pushed, the solenoid valve will be actuated, which actuate the double acting pneumatic cylinder. The liner motion of cylinder transfers to door shaft rotation through shaft swing arm on the baseplate. With guide roller which is mounted on the top of door panel moving along the roller channel, the door panel rotates inward or outward to open or close.

2)Emergency release: In case of emergency, rotate the emergency valve 90 degree to release the air pressure. Manually push the door panel front edge to open the open.

3)Sensitive edge: In case the passenger or other items are clamped during the vehicle door closing, the sensitive edge of door panel will be actuated to reverse the motion to open the door.

Main Parameter:

Operation Temperature: -40掳C – 80掳C
Operation Pressure: 90-125 psi
Operation Voltage: DC12V or DC24V
Life Cycle: 1,000,000
Door closing or opening time: 3-5 seconds
Style: Single or Double Slide Glide


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