Pneumatic outswing bus door system(POM100)

Pneumatic outswing bus door system(POM100)

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Application: tour bus,intercity bus,coach.We can make long shaft type and short shaft type.

System Component: Rotary actuator, Shaft assembly and Door panel assembly.

1) The actuator provides rotary motion and 鈥淟ift-to-latch鈥 feature.

A double acting cylinder drives a splined shaft through a helical ball cage to provide rotary motion. When the door reaches the closed position, the actuator lifts the door shaft and door panel approximately 10mm,enabling latches on the door panel to engage mating wedges on the door jambs.The door panel is held closed as long as air pressure is applied the actuator.

2) The shaft assembly is designed for easy installation and maintenance.

3) The door panel can be specially designed to match with full bus design. It is made of aluminum alloy, which has the attributes of light weight, high strength and long life.

Fits to Yutong,Zhongtong,Higer,Kinglong,Golden dragon, JAC, Youngman, Ankai, Changan, BYD,Hengtong,Asiastar,yaxing,Shaolin,Wuzhoulong,Daewoo,Shenglong,Dongfeng,Youyi, Guangtong,Nissan,Scania,Toyota,Kia,Daf,Vdl,Temsa,MAN,Iveco,MCV,Tata,Volvo,Hyundai,Mitsubishi, 聽Fusa, 聽Alexander,Neoplan,Ashok Leyand,Hino,Isuzu,Irizar,Mercedes-Benz, Otokar,Cobra.

Operating principle:

1)Auto operation :When 鈥渙pen鈥 or 鈥渃lose鈥 switch is pushed, the 5-way 2-position solenoid valve will be actuated, which drives linear pneumatic cylinder move up and down. Through splined shaft,the linear motion transfer to rotation, which cause the door open or close.

2)Emergency release: In case of emergency, rotate the emergency valve 90 degree to release the air pressure. The door panel will drop as soon as air pressure in the cylinder is low. Push the door panel manually to open the door

3)Sensitive edge: In case the passenger or other items are clamped during the vehicle door closing, the door panel will be lifted and actuate the limit switch to reverse the motion to open the door.

Main Parameter:

Maximum torque in locked position (@90 psi) 122 ft-lbs
Recommended door shaft rotation 90 degree
Operating temperature -30掳C to 80掳C
Envelope size 5.51鈥漺 x 12.50鈥漝 x 4.53鈥漢
Operating pressure 90-125 psi
Minimum Life cycle 500,000
Locking mechanism Local wedge lock
Door closing time 3-5 seconds
Door opening time 3-5 seconds


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