Electric folding bus door mechanism,bus door opener,bus door motor(BDM100)

Electric folding bus door mechanism,bus door opener,bus door motor(BDM100)


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Application: this operator is an open-close drive mechanism for bus bi-fold doors, which we introduce and improve the Japanese technology. It is widely used for the city bus and mini-bus that have no air sources.

Applicable to Hino Liesse,Isuzu Journey,MCW Metrorider,Nissan Diesel RN,Nissan Civilian,Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa,Toyota Coaster,Hyundai Country,Daewoo Lestar,Yutong,Zhongtong,Higer,Kinglong,Golden dragon,JAC,Youngman,Ankai,Changan,BYD,Hengtong,Asiastar,yaxing,Shaolin,Mudan,Wuzhoulong,  Daewoo,Shenglong,Dongfeng,Youyi,Guangtong,Iveco,MCV,Tata,Ashok Leyand.

Main characters: Whole frame design, superior performance and excellent durability. Further more, it can be used in the extremely hot and cold weather areas.


1. Auto-operation: when the handle in the “automatic” position, door operator controls the vehicle door operation by driving the four synchronizing(connecting)rod, which is achieved by DC motor and gearbox. Push the button to control the motor rotation direction to achieve the opening and close the door.

2. Manual operation: when the bi-ford door in any position, if you need manual operation, you can move the handle into “Manual “position and use then pull or push the door to easily open and close door.

3. Sensitive edge: in case the passenger or other items are clamped during the vehicle door closing,the motor will immediately stop operation after the limit switch cut the power off that is activated by the position cam inside the operator.

Main Parameter:

Rating Voltage DC12V DC24V
Motor Power 80W 80W
Max.Working Current 18A 12A
Driving Force 1000N 1000N
Opening Direction Forward opening & Backward Opening
Opening and Closing Time 1.5 -2.5Sec
Anti-Clamping Force Between 30N and 50N
Operating Temperature -40°C + 60°C
Overall Dimension 340x140x145(mm)
Weight 9kg

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