Pneumatic bus baggage door system(PLM100)

Pneumatic bus baggage door system(PLM100)

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Included:Luggage door panel, pneumatic luggage door opening mechanism.

1)The door panel can be specially designed to match with full bus design. It is made of aluminum alloy, which has the attributes of light weight, high strength and long life.

2)The聽pneuamtic bus luggage door mechanism is installed on the top of the luggage door, which can makes the door to open and close automatically.

Features: steady movements, flexible, safe and reliable etc

Application: can be applied to bus and coach with pneumatic sources.

Main Technical Specifications:

Control Voltageg DC12V or 24V
Pneumatic Pressure 0.4MPA-0.8MPA
Ambient Temperature -40掳C鈥80掳C
Loading Capacity above 250N

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